abc Camp

"Founded in the 1960's, Arizona Brethren Church Camp (ABC Camp) has been ministering to youth and their families in the beautiful Patagonia, Arizona mountains. Since the camp is located in the mountains and away from media, technology, and distractions, it provides a unique opportunity for youth to connect with each other and with God! ABC Camp is a week-long adventure diving into God's word for youth grades 6-12.

But what's a camp without some good ole' fashioned fun?! Throughout the week of camp, youth are treated to many exciting games spanning the entire 25 acre property, as well as two days of excursion at Patagonia Lake to enjoy some fun in the sun.

Enjoy some famous camp cobbler by the amazing chefs, as well as traditional home made cooking!

Below are the registration forms for both youth and staff, as well as links to our social media to get all of the latest news and updates for ABC Camp. Hope to see you join us during both our summer and winter camps!